Mason Jar Candle Holders

The girls at work and I have gotten together a few times to have what we call a “pinterest party”.  We’ve had a ton of fun– the only hard part truly is to find a time that works for a group of 8 of us!

A couple of weeks ago I hosted our latest party, where we made these Mason Jar Candle Holders:

candle jar 1

The mason jar candle holders were a lot easier than we thought- and turned out to be pretty cute!


  1. Wood Panel (I had the guy at Lowe’s cut an 8-foot board into 1 foot pieces for us)
  2. Wood stain or paint
  3. Hook Screws (like this)
  4. Twine
  5. Thin chain
  6. Mason Jars
  7. Picture Hangers (like this)

Other supplies I had: paint brush, paper towel, hammer, drill, wire cutters for the chain


  1. First we stained the wood- I had a couple of different shades which made it fun for people to choose what would match their home decor best.
  2. While our wood panels dried, we enjoyed our brunch- everyone brought a dish and we had a delicious spread!!
  3. I drilled a small hole into the middle of each board to make it easier to screw the hooks into.  I also hammered the picture hangers into the back, so we could hang them on the wall.
  4. We wrapped twine around the jar, and tied it tightly.  Next, we hooked a piece of chain to the twine, so that it would stay securely.

Here are some similar projects I did- with a few leftover vases from our wedding:

The main difference was that with these vases, I used a clamp (like this), found in the plumbing department at the hardware store and some tiny nails to attach them to the board.

Have fun with your next project!


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