Pinterest Party: Bunnies!

At our most recent pinterest party, we made a cute spring craft that was perfect to put out before Easter!


We found this link on Pinterest, and had a great time.  Everyone made different colors, and some even painted polka dots on the wood or burlap!


Treat Week: Shortbread Cookies


I used a simple gluten free shortbread cookie mix to bake these cute cookies.

I had never made shortbread cookies before and didn’t realize how dry the batter is- which makes things a bit challenging.  The directions on the mix were very helpful since the dough isn’t your normal cookie dough!

Happy Treat Week! 

Treat Week: Crepes!

A couple of years ago my husband and I went to a crepe class at Cecilia’s Pastries in Ann Arbor.  Cecilia is a French Chef and shared a ton of knowledge with us on how to make a variety of crepes- savory and sweet!

We decided treat week was a great time to use this recipe and have crepes for breakfast.


Here’s the recipe from our class, including my notes which may be helpful:


Both varieties are delicious and can be made with a few modifications.  We made sweet crepes yesterday and used Gluten Free Flour- it worked out great.

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Mason Jar Candle Holders

The girls at work and I have gotten together a few times to have what we call a “pinterest party”.  We’ve had a ton of fun– the only hard part truly is to find a time that works for a group of 8 of us!

A couple of weeks ago I hosted our latest party, where we made these Mason Jar Candle Holders:

candle jar 1

The mason jar candle holders were a lot easier than we thought- and turned out to be pretty cute!

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